April 2013

I was worried! Lucia, a.k.a. Mrs Motivator, had deserted us (for training on depression)! Would we survive???! Missing: Lucia Fret not, support was on hand from an unlikely source. Before Jenny, Sarah and I had even a foot outside the gates of St Peter's Center we go a massive injection of motivation,

Due to annual leave, illness and other commitments, I find myself to be this weeks only running club participant. As the end of the day draws closer I am deafened by my choice: to run alone or to go home. It would be so easy to slip back home

My motivation changes at a speed that can match any Ferrari – 100 to 0 in less than 7 seconds! As soon as there was a whiff that Lucia and I might be the only “runners” at our training session I was ready to throw in the towel. Lucia kept

When it was suggested by the only fitness fanatic in our office (Jenny) that we join together to raise money for Kairos we were all keen. However, when Jenny explained that it was a sponsored run, the initial excitement quickly turned into FEAR. Jenny aside, the farthest the rest of

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