Our Strategic Direction

Our 2022-25 strategy was launched following a period of significant organisational development and growth. The strategy is designed to strengthen our foundations, positioning us to take our work to the next level.

In recent years we have widened our reach, evolved our approach and expanded our service offer. We adapted to a more competitive funding landscape and responded to the extreme challenges presented by the Covid-19 pandemic. We managed ever increasing levels of demand, complexity of need, and new expectations related to professional knowledge, safeguarding, and risk management. This was made possible with our strong and dedicated team of staff and volunteers continually adapting to change. Their voices, combined with the women we support, other women with lived experience, and wider stakeholders were all integral to shaping our strategy and the direction Kairos WWT will take moving forward.

Our 2022-2025 strategy recognises our recent pace of change and dedicates time to consolidate and strengthen our foundations. Our key aim is to ensure we evolve in a sensible way in order to reach 2025 as a strong and sustainable organisation, ready for an exciting future.

Our key 5 strategic aims are:

1) more women will be achieving transformational outcomes that last

2) women with ‘lived experience’ will be pro-actively centred in all that we do

3)  we will be advocating for women at a local, regional and national level

4) we will be a best practice provider of outcomes focussed, evidence based services

5) we will be a well-resourced, efficient and sustainable organisation.

By 2025 we will be achieving more life changing outcomes for women. We will bring the voices of the women we support and other women with lived experience well into the centre of our work, to guide us in the right direction and so we develop in the right way. Through our awareness raising and advocacy work, their voices will be amplified to influence policy and systems at a local, regional and national level. We will pay care and attention to our staff and volunteers. They are our most important resource, so we will develop new ways to ensure they feel valued and equipped, whether that’s by reflecting their skills and dedication through a pay review, finding new ways to support their resilience and wellbeing, or implementing a comprehensive training and development plan. We will expand our volunteer programme, offering a range of roles that support our operations while ensuring that every volunteer feels meaningfully engaged with and supported by us. We will embed reflective and evidence-based practices and become a fully trauma-informed organisation. We’ll have a good fundraising strategy in place, strengthened strategic partnerships, and our internal operating systems and processes will be streamlined, all ensuring our sustainability for the future.