Street Outreach and Drop-In

This is Kairos’ front-line safety service and primary referral tool for women in street-based prostitution.


A team of Kairos staff and volunteers run a street-based outreach service and drop-in sessions during the week to women working on the street. Snacks, hot drinks, needle exchange, condoms and donations of food and clothing can be accessed during this service.

The team are on hand to offer a listening ear and support and we are regularly joined by professionals including a nurse from the GP surgery the Anchor Centre, and an Independent Sexual Violence Adviser from CRASAC who can offer guided support to women who have been victims of sexual assault or violence.


A visit to Drop-In is often the start of her journey with us, where we identify what help she needs and build the all-important trust and relationship that is at the heart of our work. Last year, half of all women who attended Drop-In also accessed 1-2-1 or group support during the week.

£5 could pay for a woman accessing Drop-In to have a hot drink, food bag and harm reduction kit. You can donate here today.

To find out more about the Outreach and Drop-In service, read a volunteer’s reflection on the service:

Counting the cost

“Just someone being here, to just come and have a chat and a cup of coffee, it’s nice” (Liz)