Building self-belief in a different future and breaking down barriers that stand in the way isn’t easy. It’s complex. It takes times. That’s why we need your support.

Each and every penny you give makes a difference and your donation today will help us support some of Coventry’s most vulnerable women towards a safer, brighter future.

Also, please sign up to Easyfundraising and raise money for us as you do all your online shopping! For more information, go to: Fundraising | Charity Fundraising Online | You Spend Online, Brands Donate | Easyfundraising

• £10 could pay for a woman accessing drop in to have a hot drink, food bag and harm reduction kit

• £15 helps pay for a young woman to attend a peer support group to build confidence and improve wellbeing

• £30 could pay for an hour of intensive 1-2-1 support for a woman addressing complex trauma and multiple disadvantage

• £60 could support one woman to access substance misuse services and get on a methadone script – the first important step to recovery from drug addiction

• £100 could help a homeless woman be supported to find emergency accommodation