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#TeamKairos – Training Session 4

I was worried! Lucia, a.k.a. Mrs Motivator, had deserted us (for training on depression)! Would we survive???!

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Missing: Lucia

Fret not, support was on hand from an unlikely source. Before Jenny, Sarah and I had even a foot outside the gates of St Peter’s Center we go a massive injection of motivation, celebrity style. Much to the delight of the other residents at the center, Sarah introduced us to “Let’s Go” by Calvin Harris and Ne Yo. In the words of Ne Yo “let’s go!, make no excuses now, i’m talking here and now”. Not wanting to upset Mr Ne Yo that is exactly what we did………….

Being mindful not to walk in Lucia’s shoes (see Training Session 3), we got off to a gentle jog. Our rhythm was interrupted on occasion by my lack of will……..unfortunately, mind over matter is something my mind has yet to grapple. Sarah and Jenny were very gracious and allowed me to catch my breath after gabbing faster than my lungs could handle. We made it round the 1.6 mile route with only 3 stops. Talking to other more experienced runners, this is nothing to be proud of but I am listening to Ne Yo, “right now is where you shine, i’m talking here and now, i’m talking here and now!”.

For those of you less au fait with Ne Yo and his back catalogue, Sarah introduce us to a handy way of remembering how to pronounce Ne Yo during the cool down (this could also be confused with morris dancing)….

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Knee – Yo
As with life, “it’s not about what you’ve done, it’s about what you doing, it’s all about where you going, no matter where you’ve been” so “let’s go!, let’s go!, let’s go!…” Ne-Yo (2013).