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#TeamKairos – Training Session 5

As with every week, when it comes to #TeamKairos training sessions, they’re a little hard to predict. This week, for example, Barbara decided two wheels were better than two feet. She had done three laps of the park before we’d even pulled into the car park so it turns out, she was right!


Barbara re-interprets the words ‘fun run’ and scores points for originality

We were also delighted to be joined by the last of our staff team, Support Worker Nat. She’d finally run out of creative excuses for not being available to join us (she even fled the country one week…talk about extreme measures!). Here’s what Nat had to say about the experience:

“My first run: “You’re doing really well, Nat!”

I hate running. I am sweating, heaving and puffing my way around the park. There are elderly joggers overtaking me. I emit noises something akin to an old, asthmatic walrus and I strongly suspect that I am in fact not doing really well.

I am not generally prone to exercise and make a very unenthusiastic runner. I must admit I was quite keen to dodge this particualr “Fun (really?) Run’. Why not a sponsored amble? A sponsored cheese and wine day perhaps? Those I could commit to real gusto.

We come huffing to the finish and once I’ve had time to get my breath back, I realise that I did it! I feel a genuine sense of pride and it dawns on me this sense of accomplishment would be absent had the activity been self indulgent.

I am running to raise money for justice for women. When the goal is this great lacklustre efforts fall short. And is this not always the case in life? Only dedication, exertion and personal sacrifice can cause progress.

I still hate running. I already ache all over and I will probably come last on the day, but it doesn’t matter. I am happy to make this sacrifice.”

So if sponsoring Nat to eat cheese and sip wine doesn’t feel a worthy activity, sponsoring her to run most definitely is. Our pledge is to move our feet, our aim is to move others to support us, our mission is to move barriers from the lives of our service-users. You can sponsor us here.

Lucia & Nat