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#TeamKairos – Training Session 6

photo 4

Yes!.. we not only made it to our 6th week of #Team Kairos training but all 4 staff made it! This was the first time we had managed to run together and it felt an even greater achievement personally, as a self-confessed fair-weather runner it was the first time I had joined the team on a soggy, windy and pretty miserable day.

As a newbee to Coventry I have only known the Memorial Park to be full of joys of spring; delightful cheers for children’s football teams; dog walkers and their playful companions; blossom on the trees… Instead I was met with a bleak and deserted car par.

Lucky for me I was joining a huddle of bouncy colleagues, which I can assure you is a result of pure enthusiasm rather than the biting wind!

We completed a lap of the park in record timing and the energy was still in us to strike a victory pose. Not that it needs any explanation of course, because Emma is so clearly a # at the start of Team Kairos!

photo 1

If you are impressed with our commitment (running in fear of a tornado) and want to help Kairos to keep on moving forward, please click on this link.