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A lady gives another lady a set of home keys

A Home Of Her Own – Rachel’s Story

Rachel had been homeless for 6 years and was matched with a property in early March. She is so happy with her new place. Rachel would not have been successful with securing a tenancy without support. The Kairos A Home of Her Own team have liaised with the council and Citizen to support Rachel with her affordability assessment and A Home of Her Own have supported Rachel to complete a community support grant.

Rachel has stated that she will be able to have a relationship with her son now. Rachel came to our office with her son who said that he has been so worried about her safety, and he said that he was looking forward to having a cup of tea with his mum in her own home.

Rachel was also supported with a grant application for clothing at our housing drop in. She said that she felt so relaxed in our trauma informed environment, just chilling out and having a hot drink and some food. Rachel reflected and said that we made her feel like a ‘normal person.’

The day she got her keys she used her voucher from Citizen to buy paint. She spent Mother’s Day weekend painting her new bedroom and couldn’t wait to move in. A Home of Her Own will support Rachel to apply for a grant for carpets and will continue to support her so that she can maintain her tenancy. She has asked us to support her with budgeting and using her time in a more meaningful way. She is looking forward to having her 18 year old stay overnight and is thinking of volunteering when lock down is lifted.


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