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#TeamKairos – Training Session 2

My motivation changes at a speed that can match any Ferrari – 100 to 0 in less than 7 seconds! As soon as there was a whiff that Lucia and I might be the only “runners” at our training session I was ready to throw in the towel. Lucia kept me on the straight and narrow, and in a voice I have not heard since being hauled into the head teachers office as a child, informed me that I did not have a “get out of exercise free” card.

I guess in some very small way this can mirror the experience of our Service Users……there is a real desire for change, positive steps forward are taken (quite literally in our running club, metaphorically in real life) and then the hard graft and monotony that comes with it sets in. Suddenly change is not so appealing…as creatures of habit, what we know and are used to is far more comfortable. The battle with self-motivation starts to bite….

Luckily (or not so luckily) I have Lucia to walk with me on this journey to fitness, not everyone is fortunate to have someone by their side kicking them up their (getting-less-flabby by the week) bum when encouragement is needed.

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a new pair of feet join us…Barbara digs out her kairos tshirt from our fun run 2010 (now there’s commitment to the cause), the rains sets in leaving soggy feet and chins…

As the clouds turned grey and moisture filled the air we were joined by a new recruit…..Barbara. Following our training plan to the letter we started off with a four minute walk! Barbara showed us a new walking style to get us moving quicker without any extra effort – work smarter, not harder is our team mantra – and we put in place some of the tips given to up by The British Military Fitness guys. Lucia and I tried to up our professionalism by running without our arms being shoved deeply into our pockets and before we knew it we had made it 1.6miles around the park.

Happy but soaking we decided to do the warm down in our cars with the heater turned up high! Maybe not the advice of Paula Radcliffe but I feel that our expertise in the running field is beginning to match that of any professional. Tune in next week to see whether this works as an effective cool down or if we pay the price for innovation with aches, pains and mobility restrictions!

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Emma, Project Worker