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Summer Programme Round Up

Our Feeling Safe service supports young women aged 18 – 25 who have been subjected to child sexual exploitation or are at risk of sexual exploitation as adults. The service supports the young women towards safety, stability and self-belief, through intensive one-to-one support, advocacy and group provision which explores topics such as healthy relationships, rights, boundaries, safety and self-confidence.

The service also includes a Summer Programme. This summer, two of the brilliant sessions were ten-pin bowling, and a visit to Stratford’s butterfly farm.  All the activities in the programme are designed to be fun, and yet challenging to try, supporting new friendships to be built, increase self confidence and reduce isolation.

Some of the feedback we received includes:

“I felt positive about… having the confidence to have a discussion with other group members.”

“In today’s session I enjoyed holding the stick insect and facing my fears.”

Following on from our Summer Programme, our Feeling Safe Group will resume to maintain tailored support for the women, including educational activities, awareness raising and a multitude of new and innovative ideas.

This programme continues to be an incredible experience for all involved at Kairos WWT, and one that could not have been achieved without the strength of our women and the support of The National Lottery and our wonderful volunteers. Thank you.

Because Every Woman Matters.