July 2015

Yesterday  I completed my 8 week sugar-detox for Kairos WWT. I have lost a whopping 10lbs in 8 weeks and gained a new found self-respect and a deeper understanding of the struggle that our service-users face when battling their drug and alcohol addictions. When I took on my own war against

  Do you remember my triumphant post from Week 5 of my 8 week sugar detox? You know…the one where I was basking in the glory of my new found self-control and I was adamant I had a handle on this whole sugar-free-life thing? Well it turns out my victory was

Boom! I've made it to week 6 of my 8 week sugar detox for Kairos WWT, I'm feeling good AND I've just realised I can now start to reintroduce a small amount of fruit back into my diet! Hurrah!   I feel like I have broken the back of this challenge