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Kairos signs up to the VEV project

Kairos WWT is pleased to announce that we are now fully signed up to the VEV (Visual Evidence for Victims) Project led by Victim Support in the West Midlands. Staff were fully trained yesterday by West Midlands Police to take images of injuries and damage to property.


Many victims of violent crime choose not to report to the police, however, a victim may be willing to have their injuries recorded confidentially by a voluntary sector agency. VEV project was set up to allow people to have evidence of a crime recorded by a voluntary agency, so the victim does not have to go to the police.

We can now record photographic evidence so that victims have proof to take action at a later date. This evidence is then kept confidential and secure for future use. The evidence can be used in criminal court or in civil proceedings, if the victim decides they want to take action. Alternatively it can be kept on file (for a maximum of 6 years) or you can choose to have the photographs destroyed. Victims can access support and information to help them decide what they want to do.

To find out more about the VEV Project, get in touch with us: 02476 559550