KairosWWT | Women Working Together

“I miss my women”

For Kairos, it’s ‘business as usual’, we’re still here, supporting our women, their requirements haven’t changed and if anything they’ve become increased due to the Coronavirus. Lisa, who is a support worker for Aspire, has written a blog about working during these difficult times.

“Every day working for Kairos is different, you never know what you are going to come up against or be asked to do. You have to think on your feet, risk assess in your head as you go and be able to juggle lots of balls in the air. Still not convinced that is my strength as I prefer order and lists. You have to be ready to hand brake turn at the drop of a hat. I learn new things every day and think I always will due to the work and the women we support. I love my job!

The women are great. All so different but all so real. It is a special feeling knowing that you are part of their journey and they trust you with some of their darkest secrets and feel able to speak freely. Some of these women have faced such tragedy and horror that it is hard to think it is not a book or a film you are in. These women are resilient and strong and survivors but also innocent and lonely and lost. They have a way about them, they call a spade a spade and will tell you very clearly if they are not happy about something, it is refreshing to support women with no filter. They are also very innocent and childlike in many ways.

Working during lockdown is hard I wont lie, I am a floating support worker, my job means I float wherever and whenever I am needed. I am missing the face to face contact, I miss the hugs that many will give you and I miss not being able to comfort those who are in crisis, I miss the banter and the dry sense of humour. I miss waiting in the car for half hour to get to an appointment with “Ill be down in 2 minutes” every 5 minutes! I miss being shouted “LISA” coming from a voice across town who has somehow picked you out of the crowd. I miss “have you got any food, can I have a roll up” and having a full boot of clothes for the women to take what they need.”