KairosWWT | Women Working Together

“The power of volunteering”

In honour of Volunteers Week, we wanted to share a blog put together by Ashia who is one of our amazing volunteers and her experience at Kairos.

Ashia has helped out with the Feeling Safe Group sessions on a fortnightly basis supporting the 18-24 year old women at risk of sexual exploitation. Ashia also supported Kairos with the Feeling Safe residential in August 2019 which consisted on a 2-night stay and fun but challenging activities.

From the moment I started volunteering at Kairos WWT, I truly felt a part of an extended family & knew that it would be an experience that would stay with me through both my personal and professional life. Volunteering at Kairos WWT never felt like a chore but instead a scheduled time in my week where I would go to not only uplift women but share memories and have a laugh with. Volunteering at Kairos WWT has honestly made me appreciate the power of volunteering and value of supporting others. Kairos WWT is the 1st charity I’ve volunteered with and would HIGHLY recommend Kairos to everyone. Because of Kairos WWT I definitely want to pursue a career which aspires and help others to be the best version of themselves. THANK YOU KAIROSWWT!”