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Why become a trustee?

Michelle Dovey recently joined our board of trustees – the wonderful group of women who voluntarily give their time, expertise and skills to govern KairosWWT and make sure we are achieving our very best. We asked Michelle to tell us about what drew her to joining the Kairos team:

“Since joining the Trustee Board I am often asked why I wanted to be a Trustee and why Kairos in particular.  Here’s my reply………..

After 20 years following a career path working for publicly listed companies I realised that I hadn’t and wasn’t really contributing to my community, to the country or to civilisation as a whole.  My only contribution so far in life, outside of my family, had been to line the pockets of company shareholders. I wanted to do something that benefited others instead.  I assessed my skills; corporate finances and risk management.  These would be most beneficial as charity trustee.

Once that was decided, I considered what sort of charity to join.  I mentally prepared a checklist:

–  Somewhere near Warwickshire or Worchester (where I live)

–  A charity that supported women (as a proud and committed feminist)

–  A small or medium sized charity (so I could see the difference I made and because they get the least support).

A Google search followed, and Kairos appeared.  Apart from ticking all of my boxes, what else drew me towards Kairos?

Firstly, Kairos helps the women that many people shy away from helping.  A large number of people turn a blind eye to prostitution, believing that prostitutes have chosen their path, are breaking the law so don’t deserve help or just don’t see why they need a charity like Kairos.  I am not one of those people.

Secondly, Kairos works to help the forgotten age group; 18 – 24-year olds.  These young women are vulnerable of making the wrong decisions and of falling prey to those who wish to exploit them.  The children focused charities show them the door at 18 and by 24 they could be too far down the rabbit hole.  Kairos identified this as a gap in support and now helps to support these women progress into womanhood in a healthy and safe way.

Finally, after meeting the Chair and Secretary for Kairos I was blown away by their passion for the charity and its service users.  These were women I wanted to spend time with, to work with.

Attending my first Board meeting told me that Kairos was the right decision.  Case studies showing the amazing work being done, fellow Trustees who give their heart and soul to Kairos and a team that go the extra mile in ensuring the services continue to be provided.

I hope that reading this makes you decide to contact Kairos if you need help, to volunteer with Kairos, to apply to be a Trustee of Kairos or to donate to Kairos.  You won’t regret it!”

You can donate to Kairos here or find out by latest volunteering opportunities here.

If you are interested in becoming a trustee, we are looking for women with skills in the following areas: fundraising, marketing and strategic development. If you think you could use your professional skills to support Kairos please email Diane at chair@kairoswwt.org.uk.