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#TeamKairos – Training Session 8

Breaking News!!! Nat and Jenny narrowly avoid being arrested for almost breaking the speed limit.

photo (2)

This is a lie. Despite being our last training session we barely made it half way round the 1.6 mile lap of the memorial park before being halted by exhaustion and lack of athletic ability. We were on the verge of having to call out another emergency service; luckily a tree stepped in as a crutch preventing me from hitting the deck. My very supportive team mates were slower to offer support, stopping to take this very attractive pic, before coming to my aid (this is another lie)!

photo (4)

This is not good. On Sunday we have to make the 3.5 mile Coventry Fun Run course is less than an hour and a half before they open the running route to traffic and #TeamKairos becomes #TeamRoadKill.

In hindsight, it would have been better if we had been more committed to our training regime. However, maintaining motivation and keeping on track is hard. Changing a coach potato lifestyle has been difficult. I am not a natural exerciser, and despite being serious about improving my fitness, hauling myself to the park after work has been tough. I have tried to take inspiration from those around me who have succeeded with much greater challenges, for example, combating drug and/ or alcohol misuse, leaving a violent parter, surviving on the streets or seeking help for a mental health issue. It is for these women, and those that are on a journey towards greater stability, that we are running.

During our training we have endured Sarah’s music choices, Lucia’s motivational speeches, the weather’s cold, wet and windy offerings and considerable muscle pain. If this in itself does not entice you to put your hand in your pocket or fingers on your keyboard and donate then check out our last edition of Kairos News and the stories of some of the inspiring women we work with.

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