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#TeamKairos – Training Session 7

Week 7 and Jenny and Nat have mastered the skill that truly marks you out as a seasoned athlete…talking whilst running! We managed to smash our time record with a lap and a quarter in 30 minutes! As well as learn a valuable lesson in the process…


“This week I find myself mostly running behind a group of power-walkers, who maintain a six metre lead on us. Near the end of our run, determined not to be beaten by a group of people walking, I muster all force and run as fast as I can without physically injuring myself. I look back – yes! They are 2 metres behind us! Unfortunately, at that precise moment a Chihuahua overtakes me.”

This week’s lesson: Complete your journey at your own pace, comparing yourself to others (or to Chihuahuas) makes you feel inadequate and is always self-limiting. Don’t do it.

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Jenny & Nat