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Kairos women promote peace


Each year, Coventry celebrates a unique ‘Peace Festival‘ and this year, Kairos WWT is on the programme! Collaborating again with Caste Away Arts and for the first time with the Hillz FM, the Women on Top project are developing a mini-drama series called ‘Life in Peaces’ to be aired during the Peace Festival. Women on Top will have the opportunity to work with Dj’s Kate Hills and Mandy Devit and learn about the world of radio and sound engineering in Radio Plays. We are going places and on top of the Hillz the view doesn’t get any better!

Of this year’s celebration Coventry City Council say:-

“Coventry is a welcoming city, a caring city, a place of peace and reconciliation. All of the elements outlined in the Coventry Peace Festival Programme for 2011 show how we all work together to build on that principle. As the city continues to grow and improve may it always be a place of sanctuary for those who come to live within it’s boundaries. Let all of us play our part in making this city a welcoming, safe home for those who are born here, study here and those who are escaping difficult situations to change and improve their lives.

Attending the events outlined in this programme give all of us the opportunity to meet with some of the very pro-active peace makers who live in our city and to see how we all benefit from their endeavours.”

You are invited to tune in to the ‘Life in Peaces’ mini drama series on Hillz FM (98.6FM) which will be broadcast on Monday 7th, Tuesday 8th, Wednesday 9th and Friday 11th November 2011 between10.30am – 11.30am. Don’t miss this one off opportunity to experience a unique, first time drama on Hillz FM produced by Kairos WWT in partnership with Caste Away Arts.