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Kairos is looking for new trustees

At Kairos it’s our mission to reach out to a group of women who are often marginalized and vulnerable in society – women caught up or at risk of prostitution.

We have met each of our service-users at a time when they needed a source of hope for a better future and support as they try to renew their life.

Of this support, one of our service-users recently said:

“Kairos was there for me in the dark times of my life and supported me when I needed it the most. And even though I am now in recovery, Kairos still supports and encourages me which helps me stay on the right track of leading a more normal and happier life”

Kairos is committed to helping many more women find their voice and lead a more fulfilling life. Run by women for women, Kairos is now seeking new volunteers to join our Board of Trustees and marketing committee.

If you have professional experience in marketing, finance, fundraising or HR, then why not make your Christmas more meaningful by finding our more about us today?

For further information about becoming a trustee: Trustee Advert.

For further information about joining our Marketing Committee: Marketing Committee Recruitment.