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Court of Appeal rules disclosures for street prostitution is unlawful

We are pleased to hear of the recent decision by the Court of Appeal that the requirement to disclose multiple convictions for street prostitution as part of the Disclosure and Barring Service is unlawful. This means that anyone with historic convictions for street prostitution can apply to have these filtered from disclosure. The Centre for Women’s Justice will be making templates available to assist women with this process.

This is great news for us as the changes are likely to have a positive material impact for many of our women. Those wishing to exit street prostitution and look for alternative employment will no longer be impeded by the disclosure of such offences and the stigma that is all too often associated with them.

This is a welcome step towards supporting those that wish to exit, however we hope it is only the first as we believe there is more to be done to work towards removing such records altogether. Nevertheless this is a move in the right direction and we fully support the Appeal Courts decision