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Afraid No More

To celebrate International Women’s Day we are delighted to share with you the voices of 3 of our young women from the Feeling Safe project.

IMG_1573 IMG_1574

In partnership with Creative Optimistic Visions, KairosWWT sought to provide young women with a creative opportunity to get their voices heard. The group completed the Urban Arts course which helped them to write and record a track that would speak out for other young women affected by the challenges they have lived through.

A day was spent together exploring the issues affecting young women in Coventry, participants sharing what they value and the different obstacles they face when labelled with stereotypes. In considering their own favourite musicians the group decided that they wanted to communicate a message that would inspire and encourage others who felt alone; to speak to someone and believe in their potential for greatness.

Lyrics were written to create a unique version of ‘Not Afraid’ by Eminem which has been entitled ‘Alone No More’. This track speaks of the importance of trust, finding safe people to talk to and taking a step towards the help that’s out there in order to reach your goals in life.

After some practice our young women were ready to take to the Studio. Each recorded their verse and felt a real sense of achievement as they ended their day with they own CD.

IMG_1576 IMG_1577


We played it on our drive back and one young woman beamed, saying – “I feel so proud of what we did today, I never would believe I could do anything like this!”  

You can listen to the track here.