Women’s Stories

Amy’s story

Amy (name changed) had been known to KairosWWT since June 2015 from interactions with our Street Outreach and Drop-In. That December, Amy was placed on remand for two armed robberies. Through Kairos’ prison service, Amy met with a Project Worker and disclosed her background which included drug misuse, domestic violence, and prostitution.

In January 2016, Amy’s case was dismissed. The Project Worker met with Amy the day after release, and they developed a support plan including accessing drug treatment, reclaiming benefits and re-registering with her local GP for mental health support. Amy and the Project Worker met on a regular basis to review support, including making a referral to the sexual abuse centre, accessing a volunteering programme for ex-offenders. She exited from Kairos in April 2016 and is in regular contact with her children. She supplied 11 clean drug tests to The Recovery Partnership (local drug service), attended a parenting course and has moved away from ‘bad company’ [in her own words].
Of her Project Worker’s support and the Prison Inreach service, Amy said:

“[My Project Worker] has given me the confidence to [exit the service]. She was always there when I wanted to talk, and she got me through the worst of it all.”

Charlie’s story

Charlie (name changed) is a service user known to Kairos for a couple of years who occasionally attends our Evening Drop-In. She is a victim of rape, domestic violence, and has been in prison multiple times in the last year for offences including theft.

In the last year, we visited Charlie five times in Peterborough prison. Since her release, we arranged for Charlie to get support from CRASAC as she has been a victim of domestic violence and also disclosed rape. We have provided intense support, reminding her of her appointments, accompanying where necessary and providing regular encouragement as she currently has few positive social networks.

Kairos has acted as the central point of contact for Charlie and probation services. Her caseworker advocated for her, explained her specific needs when her probation officer changed, and also arranged for probation meetings to be held in a different location, as Charlie feels very uncomfortable at their offices, which were a barrier to her attendance. Both Charlie and her probation services have said that if it wasn’t for Kairos’s support she would have been recalled and be back in prison again by now.

Kairos also helped Charlie with a referral into local social housing and supported her to attend a medical assessment for her mental health, so that she can now claim the benefits to which she’s entitled. We have also been central contact for Victim Support who offered Charlie the chance to testify against her abuser.

Charlie is now living independently in a property and currently maintaining her tenancy. She continues to access support from Kairos. In her own words, Charlie was “in and out of jail all the time” in 2017, but in 2018 she hasn’t returned to jail at all, thanks to support from Kairos. Charlie’s challenges aren’t over, but she now has the stability and support she needs to take the next steps forward in her life.