Rosie Hart final

Rosie Hart

Rosie leads the organisation and oversees Kairos’ strategy, fundraising, finance and operations. Rosie is on maternity leave until November 2020.

Adele Canterbury
Service Manager (1-2-1 Support and Prison In-reach)

Adele leads and co-ordinates all 1-2-1 support work for women over 25 and those caught up in prostitution. She also delivers prison and release-day support for vulnerable women in the criminal justice system returning to Coventry.


Tianne Peynado
Service Manager (Feeling Safe Project)

Tianne leads and co-ordinates all work with women aged 18-24 who are part of our Feeling Safe programme. She offers direct 1-2-1 support, runs the peer-support group and delivers awareness raising sessions in the community.

Lisa Miller

Lisa Miller
Support Worker

Lisa offers 1-2-1 support to women over 25 and/or who are caught up in prostitution, helping them increase their safety, stability and self-belief. She also helps run STEPS, our peer-support group for women who are actively seeking recovery and change.


Michelle McHugh
CEO (maternity cover)

Michelle is interim CEO until November 2020.


Cath Barnes
Project Worker (Feeling Safe)


Michelle Dovey (Chair)

You can read more about Michelle in her blog post here. She can be contacted at

Lucy Cubitt (Treasurer)

Sarah Learmonth

Read more about Sarah in her blog post here.

Kay Garvey

Read more about Kay in her blog post here

Kelly Palmer

Franki Hale